Search Engine Marketing

Search engines are often the first source where people look for products or services.

Reach people when they are looking for what you offer

Detailed reporting on where you're getting your leads and purchases

Precise targeting down to the ZIP code

Multilingual ad campaigns with global reach

Dig into the power of machine learning

Google Ads

5.5 billion searches are conducted on Google daily. This makes Google Ads by far the most effective online marketing platform.

We are Google Premier Partners and regularly attend Google’s training and events. This ensures we stay ahead of competition and get the best results for our clients.

Every Google Ads account can benefit from a thorough overview from time to time.

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Bing Ads

Bing can drive valuable extra traffic, usually at a lower cost than Google Ads. Its biggest markets include the US and the UK. In the Nordics, Bing has a considerable market share for desktop searches, ranging from 7% in Finland to 17% in Norway.

We are Bing Select Partners with over 4 years of experience in working with Bing accounts across different markets.


Remarketing is a powerful tool that enables you to target customized ads to people who have interacted with your website.

Don’t let your potential new clients get away

Invite the shopping-cart abandoners to finish their purchase by creating custom ads based on which products they were browsing. 

Remind yourself to your already existing clients

You can also show remarketing ads to people who have shared you their e-mail addresses. Or encourage your already existing clients to make another purchase by showing ads that are customized to them.

Display and Social Media Ads

Complement your Search campaigns by reaching a wider audience outside of search engines. Our role is to build strategies and analyse data to improve results.

Display Ads

Show visual ads on different websites, blogs and apps. Display campaigns are often used for branding but can also drive sales. The display network lets you reach users across the world on mobile, desktop or tablet.

Social Media Ads

With performance based campaigns you can be visible and drive action among different target groups. Get beyond pushing the boost button and send traffic to your website, app or social media page.

Google Analytics

Get valuable insights on your website visitors: who they are, how they interact with your site and what's the outcome. By understanding your customer behaviour, you can make better decisions and know where to invest for business growth.

Out of the box analytics doesn't work for most businesses. By setting up custom solutions and measurements, you can avoid reporting on broken data or missing out on valuable insights.

With our help you can take full advantage of Google Analytics:

We’ll analyze your Analytics to find tracking issues in your current set-up

We’ll set up the right tracking for your website, mostly using Google Tag Manager

Our experience can help you tackle complex tracking issues so you can make your business decisions on data you can trust

App Campaigns

App campaigns enable the opportunity to promote your apps not only across Google's largest properties, but on Facebook's platforms as well.

Google App Campaigns

Promote your apps across Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, Discover, and the Google Display Network.

Facebook App Ads

Help grow your business using the app installs objective for your ads. Optimizing your ads as well as measuring its success over time.

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