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I’m really happy with ePPC. Karl and his team are always available and their recommendations brought us amazing growth. An additional value that Karl brings to the table is really good relations with Google. As an ex-Googler he knows a lot of people and can help open many doors. I would recommend ePPC 100%, reporting and responsiveness are of the highest quality. 

Joosep Tinn,  MindSpa.com (Synctuition) COO

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Award-Winning Case Study 
on Think with Google

We helped Synctuition, the meditation app, go from 0 to over 1 million installs just within a year while maintaining a positive ROI. Our app marketing efforts were covered on Think with Google, and we’ve already won an award for the campaign. 

Reviewing your ad assets

Google App Campaigns have no keywords, so ad assets take on a whole other level. They even impact your targeting. In FB Ads, creatives make or break your campaigns.

There is a formula for making ads that generate results. Most apps waste tens of thousands of euros creating videos that don't have any potential to perform.

Creating new assets

We are an award-winning app marketing agency and an official Google App Marketing Partner.

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 Services that bring you growth

Google App campaigns, Apple Search, Instagram, and Facebook App Ads are the main channels. We’ll help you figure out which ones to focus on and how to approach each channel.

Not to worry, we’ll cover the available options in our call 

About Us

At ePPC, we combine high-quality app marketing campaigns with precise tracking and reporting. Very likely, someone from our team speaks your language and might even have lived in some of your target markets (wherever those might be!). 

Besides being official app marketing partners with Google, we are also part of a very select group of Google's international growth agencies - a token of our expertise in expanding to new markets. If you're looking for app marketing agencies, get in touch!




We'll improve your current app campaigns or you'll get your money back.

Your performance doesn't improve in 2 months = your money back.

No lock-in contract. Pause the service anytime you want. 

The winning campaign structure

Incorrect strategies will waste precious time and money.

Reviewing your tracking & events

This is essential. If you can’t measure results, you can’t improve them.

All installs are not created equal. We identify the most profitable ones and help you get more of them.

Results with a positive ROI

Remarket and retain your customers

Setting up proper remarketing to convert those "could-have-been" customers.

App Marketing Agency

Here's how we'll scale your app campaigns

Full account management & multi channel approach

We work with creators, who we know can deliver you results. We know the formulas for making videos that perform and get scale but don't break the bank. You will save countless hours of your time and money.

Video creatives that turn your campaigns around

Most agencies have no real knowledge of how to scale and run app campaigns profitably.

We are so confident in our skills that we offer your money back if we don't deliver you better results prior to our takeover.

Get years of experimentation, through millions of ad spend, absolutely free.

Learn how we helped TWO subscriptions apps to go from 10k to 1 million installs under a year

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