Getting a custom Google Ads audit is a great way of getting some peace of mind. Perhaps you are not quite sure if your agency is doing the best they could but lack the necessary Google Ads knowledge to check yourself. Perhaps you are frustrated with the results and you’ve started doubting if Google Ads is even the right channel for you. Maybe you just have managed the same account for a long time need an outside perspective to generate new ideas.

Sometimes only a few small suggestions in the Google Ads audits have helped our clients save thousands of euros a month.

How it works

The audit always starts with you giving access to your account. We’ll make an initial check to see how good or bad the situation is. If during this initial check we notice that you’re doing great already we’ll communicate that to you and leave it at that at no cost to you. That rarely happens though!

Most accounts have some or many areas to improve on and we’ll give you a price estimate depending on the size and state of your account. Once you approve the estimate, we’ll audit the account and send you a summary of the findings and suggestions. When you’ve received your Google Ads Audit you’re free to implement the changes yourself or ask for our help if needed.

Here's what we offer

Great recommendations for growth and saving on cost

Deep analysis by our experts

Outside perspective and new ideas

If there’s nothing to improve then the audit is free of charge


Prices start at €700, depending of the size of your account.


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