The webinar is split into 2 parts. We'll (briefly) look into the current global situation with apps and then move on to getting started with paid app marketing principles. Karl will focus more on app marketing in general and Christa will focus on Google App Campaigns and talk about the importance of creatives.

What we'll talk about in the webinar


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Christa Chen

EMEA App Partnerships Manager, Google

Christa is an App Partnerships Manager at Google, enabling selected agency partners across the EMEA region to build out their app promotion capabilities. Previous to focusing on apps, Christa was working with Germany's largest performance agencies to leverage the full value of the Google Ads product suite.

Getting started with 
Paid App

How to set up, optimize & track paid app install and engagement campaigns on Google, Facebook & Apple.

April 21 @ 4PM CET

(10am New York, 3pm London, 4pm Stockholm, 10pm Singapore)

Karl Pae


Karl is the founder and CEO of ePPC - a performance marketing agency focused on apps. ePPC is an official Google International Expansion Partner, a Google App Marketing Agency Partner and a Google Premier Partner. Karl is also a Google Certified Trainer and used to work at Google 2008-2013 until he went on to found ePPC.  

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Register for the Free Webinar